The Runva 25000lbs 24V winch is a powerful piece of machinery. This winch is engineered for maximum line pull with only one layer of cable spooled into the winch drum (the first layer). *N*

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Motor: Powered by a 24V battery and provides power to the gear mechanism which turns the drum and winds the wire rope.

Drum: It can feed or wind the rope depending on the remote winch switch.

Cable: The winch has a galvanised aircraft cable designed specifically for load capacity of rated line pull.

Mechanic Gear System: The reduction gears convert to winch motor power in extreme pulling forces.

Braking System: Braking action is automatically applied to the winch drum when the winch motor is stopped, and there is a load on the cable. A separate mechanical brake applies the braking action.

b: The clutch allows the operator to manually disengage (clutch out) the spooling drum from the gear train, free spool. Engaging the clutch (clutch in) locks the winch into the gear system.

Solenoid: Power from the vehicle battery flows through the weather-sealed switch before being directed to the winch motor.

Snatch Block: The snatch block can double the pulling power of the winch, or change the pulling direction without damaging the cable.

Rated line pull: 25000lbs (11340kgs)
Motor: series wound: 24V
– Input: 6.1kW / 8.2hp
– Output: 3.1kW / 4.2hp
Gear reduction ratio: 450:1
Cable (Dia.× L): Ø13.8mm × 26.5m
Drum size (Dia.× L): Ø120mm × 198mm
Mounting bolt pattern: 254mm × 114.3mm/254mm x 190.5mm (8 x M12 bolts)
Line Speed ft/min (m/min): 3.9 (1.2)
Current A: 280
Finish: Black matt coat
Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 635mm × 298mm × 300m

EWB25000 Winch x 1
Remote/Controller x 1
Roller Assembly x 1
Mounting Plate x 1
All nuts, bolts and screws required for mounting are included

Additional information

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 75 × 45 × 50 cm