TOP LINE HATCH 353mm x 606mm BLACK


Designed and produced in Italy, our high quality TOP LINE deck hatches are ideal for every sailboat or yacht. Dimensions of 353 x 606 mm and in black, these hatches can cover the needs of boats of any size. *N*

SKU: 21688


They are made of UV-resistant high-grade ASA plastic, in order to provide resistance to damage and chemical solvents. Designed for external use. UV-resistant cover and frame, with a 180⁰ opening door and two durable handles. They are specially designed with a non-skid surface and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. These hatches are mounted with hidden screws for discrete appearance. EPDM rubber gasket, provides resistance to water.

A: 353mm
B: 606mm
C: 275mm
D: 520mm
H: 283mm
I: 530mm

Top Line Hatch (353mm x 606mm) x 1