Mini electric cable hoist is suitable for various occasions, The max lifting weight is 1000kgs, especially suitable for high-rise buildings from the lift heavier items. Simple structure, easy installation, small and exquisite, and use the unidirectional electric as a source of power. Miniature electric hoist in production design has reached the international standard, and to ensure the use of safety, the motor cooling fin using cast iron structure, improve the service life. *S*

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Miniature electric hoist lifting speed can reach 12 m/min, and wire long initial design is 12 meters, in the hook, special design advanced double set, greatly increased the miniature electric hoist lifting weight, mini electric hoist civil use 220 v power supply, especially suitable for daily civil, industrial production line, freight logistics and so on.

– For all hub functioning in workshop, industry and house holds. Simple activation on different places is possible and attachment e.g. to round pipe with clamps
– Control over dead man’s switch works for secure functioning
– Brand new and high quality
– Durable braided anti twist high carbon steel line cable
– Heavy duty weighted lift hook
– Sheaved pulley lift hook for dual line operation
– Mounting hanging clamp brackets included
– Built-in safety braking mechanism
– Easily lift small engines, transmissions, large shop tools, or building supplies
– Remote control powers up and powers down & has emergency stop switch
– Fully automatic hoist-requires no hand cranking
– Control switch is Protection class II (protective insulation), IP 54
– End switch for instant switching in the upper and lower end position
– Immediate braking action during power black out: Long term transmission with long life of drive train.
– Swirl arm twisting steel rope reduces the load when lifting
– Load hook with extra security flap.
– The motor with overload protection prevents itself from overheating
– Pulley with lifting hook
– Fastening with two stable double clamps

Type: Electric Hoist Crane Lift
Housing Material: Cast Iron And Aluminum
Voltage: 220-230V / 50Hz
Motor Performance: 1650W
Hoist Weight: 34KG
Single Line Height: 12m
Double Line Height: 6m
Single Line Lifting Speed: 10m/min
Double Line Speed: 5m/min
Cable Diameter: 5.6mm
Cable Length: 12m
Resister Cable: >2500kg
Service: S3 20%-10min
Single Rope Capacity: 500kg
Double Rope Capacity: 1000kg

Electric Hoist x 1
Mounting Clamps x 2
Mounting Bolts x 4
Snatch Block and Hook x 1
Winch Hook x 1

Additional information

Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 69 × 30 × 38 cm