This hydraulic steering system will reduce the steering effort due to the fact that Multiflex steering provides more output power resulting in lower steering effort. Multiflex Hydraulic Steering offers a safe easy drive in any sea conditions. *S*

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Front Mount Hydraulic Helm Pump (HP-16):
– Robust design
– Ball bearing piston race
– Built-in lock valve to safeguard feedback from the Rudder
– Integral relief valve to protect the steering system from excess pressure
– 3/4” standard tapered Shaft
– Easily accessible lock valve seals and shaft seal for replacement
– All helms include a pair of 90° adjustable chrome plated brass elbow fittings to connect to 5/16” Hose tube
– Both the ports are tightly locked with red dummy plugs for hose connection to the cylinder
– The dummy port is locked with Hex Stud which can be used to connect to the dual station kit

Single Balanced Front Mount Cylinder (OC-115U):
– SS 316L hard chrome plated piston rod
– SS 316L support rod
– Anodized aluminum tube
– Anodized aluminum support brackets
– SS 316L fasteners – lock nuts / washers
– Includes a pair of 90° adjustable chrome plated brass elbow fittings to connect to hose tube
– Installation for single and twin engines
– Includes hex stud assembly to connect cylinder to the engine

Hydraulic Hose of 5m with Factory Crimped Hose Connectors (CT-5.0)
The hose tube is designed to transfer steering fluid from helm pump to cylinder and vice versa. Hoses are flexible so as to be routed through complex or small bending radii and are tested at higher pressure than maximum working pressure to prevent oil leakage.

Bottle of High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Steering Fluid (HO-150):
Hydraulic steering fluid is required, where the helm pump while being turned pushes the fluid, such that it travels through the tubing and displaces the cylinder.

Front Mount Hydraulic Helm Pump x 1
Single Balanced Front Mount Cylinder x 1
Hydraulic Steering Fluid 1L x 2
Hydraulic Hose of 5.0 meters with crimped hose connectors x 2