A ripping good time

The O’Brien Batwing brings new fun and excitement to deck style tubes. With elevated wing tips and a tapered design, the Batwing glides over rollers and chop for a wild and fun ride. Everyone loves cruising around the lake on this tube and with its SofTec Ultra top it’s easy to see why. This plush riding surface is so smooth on your skin, you can keep riding all day long. *N*

SKU: 23582

Max Capacity: Up to two riders or 340 lbs
Tube Style: Deck series
Durable Design: 28 gauge bladder fully covered in 420/840 D Nylon
Handles: 4 comfortably positioned handles
Pad: Luxurious SoftTec Ultra top
Quick Connect Tow System: Effortlessly connect the rope to the tube
Lightning Valve: Inflate/deflate faster than ever before
Size: 61″ x 95″

Inflatable Tube x 1

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 14 cm